Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moving back to Paris

So my time recently has gone from very chill and laid back to a somewhat faster paced orientation, I have one again left many days un written in my blog and I must rectify the situation immediatly.

So this day was spent at Conches which is one of the prettiest towns in France (a distinction is shares with many other villages in France). Still the town was very nice, it had a small church in th center of the town and a lot of cute little houses. The houses were split at maybe 50/50 that were really cute and then those that were diplapidated. Overall though the place was very nice, it was on a nice hill and I could totally see having a nice little house there. After the town we ate a lunch we had packed, salami, cheese, bread and apples before we drove the hour or so back.

This was the ultimate down day for me, I slept in in the morning and after a slow breakfast I played some games and watched a bit of TV online, I spent the whole day lazing and had a nice dinner. It was a great day.

So this day was spent at another of Frances many prettiest villages, the town was pretty small and had some nice winding streets in it, the highlight of the town was a castle at the highest point of the village which was supposed to be open but ws closed the day we went. This was unortuante since the church in the town was also closed and thus there was noting to do. We ended up going to a small restuarant in the village center and having some hot drinks before walking around a bit more and then leaving.
This was the same day we left Decazville for Tolouse, we headed out to catch our bus at around 6:40 or something and then from the bus we took a train to Tolouse. When we got to Tolouse we hopped on the metro for one stop and then got off. We were looking for out Hostel and we could not find it so we set our along the road we knew it was on. After getting to the next Metro stop (i.e. too far) we turned around and went back only to realize that the Hostel was literaly next to the Metro and we had missed it, we checked in no probs and that was that.

So I dont want to make this too long so I may skip some details, we started the day off with a breakfast at a nice resturant on the main square (the Hostel did not serve a breakfast), it was very well priced, you get a chocolate or coffee, orange juice, bread and a croissant for 5.5 Euro, we then headed out to visit a church which had an small museum of anicent Roman statues since it was part of the Roman empire at a point. After the museums we wandered around and found a nice Tea shop where we spent several hours drinking some very nice tea and doing crossword puzzles. After passing the time we met up with a freind of Devs friend (my sister also knew but not quite as well) for dinner, we went to a great crepe shp where I had a nice crepe that was very much like a crepe omelette and thena orange chocolate crepe for dessert. After that we visited the friends apartment in Tolouse, which was very nice, cozy with some nice quirks. After that it was somewhat late so we went back to the Hostel and after a bit of reading turned in for the night.


So today was a dissappointment, we started the day the same as the last with the ame good breakfast and then moved on. We had intended to visit a museum which housed modern art in a old slaughterhouse but it turned out to be closed, after that we ended up wandering around the neighborhood before slowly heading to another church. We were trying to find a resurant from my travel book that promised 9 Euros for a two course pasta meal, we could not find the place and had to settle on another that had meals for 11 Euro. The food turned out to be great, the deal was you could get a Appetizer and Entree or Entree and Dessert so we got one of each picking a Spaggheti carbonara and a Steak with a cheese and tomato appetizer and a tart for dessert. Both the entrees were great, the pasta was very good and it came with an egg yolk in a half egg shell to be put into the pasta which made me pause for a mintue before dumping the egg all over that pasta. The steak was also great and we split both the Entrees so we both got some of each.
After the meal we went to the nearby church and then found another Tea shop where we once again spent several hours before reutnring to the Hostel. As of now of the plan is to take a night train to Paris where we stay for our last three days before parting to go our seperate ways with me returnign home.

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