Sunday, November 1, 2009


Well my blog has not been updated in a while somewhat due to the fact that I have been having some slower days. So I will begin with my time on Olympia the home city of the Olympics. I explored the city for most of a day and the city was not too great. It was not to pretty but it was kind of a cool place to say you have been. The city was not too awesome and I soon found myself once again in Athens to be ready for my flight. I spent an enjoyable night near the Acropolis and I found a nice little cafe to print out my boarding pass and the next morning I went to the airport and got to my gate nice and easy and for maybe the first time flying in Europe. The plane was very nice, I had Aegean Airlines again and the plane ride was great. Unfortunately the plane was about an hour late and I was forced to wait at the gate before we boarded and the plane seemed to take longer then it should have. I got into Charles De Gaul airport at around 7:30ish and I grabbed a train into Paris and then walked from a stop to my Hostel near the Louvre. I found the place nice and easy and when I got in I found my sister waiting for me at the Hostel just as planned. This was my first time that a planned meeting worked out for me. We went out for a nice dinner where I had a duck dish that was a nice dish with a sort of mashed potatoes that had pieces of duck in it. It was great and we had a nice glass of wine with the meal. It was really good to see my sister after such a long time and we got a great chance to discuss our respective lives and what had been happening. Today we went to the Louvre which was a short walk from the Hostel and it was good luck since the Louvre is free on the first Sunday of the month so we were able to avoid the 9 Euro entrance fee. The museum was cool, we went through several exhibits as well as seeing the Mona Lisa which was packed. After the Louvre we wandered through the neighborhood before finding a small Asian restaurant that was decently priced for lunch. After the quick lunch we hopped over to the grocery store to grab some stuff to take back to the Hostel and then walked through a light rain to the Hostel.

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