Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wraping Up Italy

Well I have made my way safely to Greece and found my new Hostel in Athens almost completely hassle free thanks to the great instructions they had on there web site. The Hostel is superbly located a 2 minute walk from The Acropolis and in a small, more residential block. More on the Hostel later, for now lets talk abut Italy, I did not blog for the last 2 days so to remedy that here I go. The first day I missed was my trip to Pompeii. I had held out not visiting the site in the hopes that the weather which had bee cloudy with a little rain would improve, boy did I make the right decision, the weather cleared up beautifully, sunny and much warmer for my trip to Pompeii. Unfortunatly, the Gods of technology were not smiling upon me as bright as the sun since along the way to Pompeii my cameras batteries died, while not completely unforeseen I had yet to purchase new batteries so I was stuck camera less for my trip to Pompeii, so no photoos for the trip. The visit was interesting though, the ruins are very impressive even without a guide to tell you what they all are in detail. This is as good a place to go off into my tangent as any so why the hell am I charged for tours and audio guides. I mean cmon, I just paid like 10 Euros to get in to see the ruins and now you want me to pay another 4 or 5 to explain what they all are, shouldn't that be covered in my entry price. This problem is most notable at places like ruins where without a guide they can be completely incomprehensible, I flatly refuse to pay for the audio guides since I feel that they are a complete rip off and taking advantage of tourists.
Anywho, were back on topic, Pompeii was an amazing place to visit, its one of those sites that you hear about so often and see all this stuff about and then it was like, hey I'm here, this is the real thing. The detail to which the plaster duplicates could be made was amazing, they even had roots of plants they had done.
After the day at Pompeii I headed back to the Hostel to meet back up with my Hostel mates, we decided that since the Pizza we had was such a good deal and delicious that we would go back with 2 new people who wanted to go so we could also show them the way since the place is kinda off the beaten track. We had another great dinner and I went back to the Hostel and crashed.
The next day I did not blog was a very calm day, I woke up late and the plan was to head out to Rome so I would be there for my plane the next morning to Athens. It turned out that the one of the girls who was in my room at the Hostel was also headed to Rome so we decided to go together both for the company and since I knew at least to a small degree my way around the city. We got into Rome at around 3pm and headed to our Hostel a few blocks away from the Train Station, it was a different Hostel then the one I stayed in when I spent my time in Rome but it was very nice. We went shopping at a grocery store which are very few in Rome, that city seems to have the fewest and hardest to find grocery stores of any place I have been. We ended up with a variety of vegetables and we made a stir fry in the kitchen that the Hostel had for guests to use. I went to bed early, like 10 pm so I would be able to make my 8:30 train to the airport, I missed the train but was able to the 9:00 train and made it to the airport and around 9:20, with plenty of time to check my bag and get to gate. The flight was fantastic, I would like to give major props to Aegian Airlines, the flight was schduled to be a short 2 hour thing and they served a meal that was included in the cost, full meal with drinks, I was shocked and the flight went very quickly. Athens airport was also a fantastic experiance, I made my way easily to the train station and got the train into town. Just as a side not my opinion here may be jaded since I had great instructions from the Hostels web site. The place was nice and easy to find and is very good looking with nice bathrooms and all the rooms have a nice little outdoor patio thing, the place is great and the weather here is good too, its nice and warm which is a nice change from the colder temps that I had for most of my past days. I am hoping the weather will stay fair for my time in Greece. Well that is all that gas happened to me, I have plans to visit the main buildings of Athens one day, then the museums another and probably Delphi another day.

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